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AMD Epyc
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Features with a VPS

We offer a wide range of features and up-to-date hardware.


AMD Epyc

We only use the latest AMD Epyc processors, and DDR4 certified ram.


Windows OS

Choose from our WIndows OS such as Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2016.


Fibre Connection

All of our virtual servers include Unlimited Bandwidth* and 300 /  300 Mbps +.


Remote Desktop

Connect to the virtual machine via a remote connection.

How does it work?



Customize your virtual machine with your needs.



Our experts are setting up your machine with love.



The credentials to log in are sent to you by email, and it's ready for use.


Our estimated time to set up virtual machines is around 6-18 hours at maximum. Most of our customers get their virtual machine within 4 hours within our business hours.

We only use DDR4 2400MHZ RAM on our servers.

Our servers are located in the middle of Europe, Germany, so it gives low ping to European customers.

If you want a custom OS to your virtual machine, open a ticket, and we will install it for you!

We can report a 98% uptime last year, with some downtimes due to maintenance and upgrades.


This FAQ is made to answer the most asked questions if you don't find your answer here you can contact us via a ticket or live-chat!

We were early established in 2018, and since then, we have been doing hosting solutions.

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We upgraded our virtual private servers, and now you can choose how much RAM and cores you need. We also designed our brand new website!

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